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He Nalu E 'Imi Ana I Ka 'Aina E Hiki Aku Ao





West Side, Oahu


Short Overview - Decentsea is a Hawaii based non-profit helping local youth artist learn, grow and develop the skills needed to take their art to the next level.  We provide continuous access to better equipment, training, mentor-ships and funding.  

Decentsea was founded by photographer and philanthropist Greg Champion as a way to sell art to raise awareness and donations for coastal sustainability efforts throughout Hawaii.  Over the years, Decentsea has partnered with many great organizations like Malama Na Honu, the Special Olympics, Expedia, and Travelocity to raise money and/or awareness for Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.  It has helped to raise thousands of dollars for coastal cleanup efforts, and it all started with a camera and an entrepreneurial mindset.  

Decentsea has also worked to set up a Youth Contributor program to collaborate with young artist throughout Oahu.  With imagination and hard work of a talented 15-year-old artist from Kaneohe (@saltyciara), Decentsea created the Keep Hawaii Clean Project to focus on much needed coastal sustainability efforts throughout the state. 

Decentsea was originally founded as a For-Profit L.L.C. but has since evolved into becoming a fully registered non-profit in the State of Hawaii.  It was never about the money – it was always about doing good for Hawaii and its communities.  Throughout the years (and through many friendships within the photography and surfing community) Decentsea began to change strategies.   Its focus is now on the Artist…specifically the youth Artist throughout Hawaii.  Hawaii is filled with talented young aspiring ocean/surf photographers, but unfortunately many don’t have the financial means, or experience to take their art to the next level.  Decentsea works hard to provide the missing pieces and projects for these young artists.  Through mentor-ship, work experience, equipment, and funding – we want to help achieve their goals.  We work hard with our youth artist so they can take their talents to the next level.  

All donations taken in from Decentsea goes to making these goals happen.  For more information, please visit our Foundation page to see how you can get involved.  He Nalu E 'Imi Ana I Ka 'Aina E Hiki Aku Ao.

Favorite Beach

Sandys, Westside Oahu 


Oahu, Hawaii

Favorite Wave

Pipeline, North Shore

“He Nalu E 'Imi Ana I Ka 'Aina E Hiki Aku Ao.”  

This Hawaiian quote translates to "The Waves Bore Us to our Destined Shore."


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Goals and Mission: 

We help young local artist follow their passion - camera equipment, water housings, computers, editing software, photography gear, printing cost, booth rentals, transportation, framing, safety gear, etc...these are all things our artist depend on them, and they aren't cheap. 

Are you a local experienced artist who wants to share your knowledge and experience.  We need experience in photography, editing and art printing and sales.  It's important for our young artist to not only take great pictures, but to learn how to edit and prep them for sales or display.  

Please click on our donation link if you would like to help financially.  Decentsea is in the process of becoming a registered 501c non-profit organization with the State of Hawaii.  

All donations go to helping our young equipment, water housings, computers, editing software, photography gear, printing cost, booth rentals, transportation, framing, safety gear, etc, aren't cheap.  Please click on our Donation page if you would like to help financially. 

Check out some of our sample work below (or in our store):