Each year, the Decentsea team mentors a select group of Young Adults as they work hard to develop special seasonal projects focused on driving awareness for Hawaii's ocean and coastal sustainability.  

About the Program:

Our Youth Contributor program focuses on working with young artist in Hawaii on coastal sustainability efforts while developing the skills and experiences they need as they prepare for college.  

In 2015 we developed the 'Keep Hawaii Clean Project' where we work with youth artist to develop and manage campaign projects to raise donations and awareness for select coastal sustainability non-profits throughout Hawaii.  These young adults are called ‘Youth Contributors’ and they must have a passion for both art and the ocean. 

Part of the Keep Hawaii Clean Project, the Youth Contributor picks a few select organizations of their choice to raise awareness (and hopefully donations) for within Hawaii.  We work hard with each member on executing a project which includes environmentally conscience merchandise and art for sale.  Proceeds of those sales go to our select nonprofit organizations.    

We diligently seek out further opportunities for our active Youth Contributors, not only with the coastal sustainability efforts, but also future educational goals…bridging educational opportunities and networks for these talented young adults as they begin to plan for the future!  Obtaining scholarships is the ultimate goal.    

Interested in becoming a Youth Contributor?

Please submit your information if you are interested in becoming a Decentsea Youth Contributor.

To qualify, Youth Contributors must be either a sophomore or Junior in high school, live in Hawaii, and submit a portfolio and statement of purpose for consideration.  We will be accepting new contributors in 2016 – look for our announcement on Instagram shortly!   

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