Promoting Youth Art in Hawaii - Decentsea Starts with you!  

Before reading this – please check out this video created by one of our talented youth artist - this is why we do what we do…this video was created by Ciara Ratum, a 15-year-old local from Kaneohe.  Ciara was our first youth artist, and she now runs our blog and serves as a youth mentor.  Ciara will be (and is) a driving force in the world of ocean and marine research and preservation.  She is an ocean-soaked soul who is working hard to obtain a scholarship to Hawaii Pacific University to study Marine Biology.  Not only is she extremely dedicated to the ocean, she is also a very talented artist.  We have worked with Ciara on many projects, including the Keep Hawaii Clean Project that has helped to raise thousands of dollars and much needed awareness for coastal sustainability efforts in Hawaii. 

Ciara is one example, but there are many more talented young artist throughout Hawaii who have the same drive, but lack the guidance and finances to fully go after their true passion.   

If you are an artist or looking to get involved...we want to hear from you!  Please click the link below to leave your contact information: 

Our Goals and Purpose


Funding and partnerships help us gain access to (or purchase) camera equipment, water housings, computers, editing software, photography gear, printing cost, booth rentals, transportation, framing, safety gear, etc. 

These are all things we need - our artist depend on them, and they aren't cheap.  Please reach out if you would like to get involved. 


Are you a local experienced photographer or video artist who wants to give back to your community.  We need experience in photography, video, editing and/or printing and sales.  It's important for our young artist to not only take great pictures or videos, but to learn how to edit and prep them for sales or display.  

Art shows and Website Content:

For hotels or restaurants, our growing network of young photographers can help you reach your hotel or restaurant online/social content needs.   We work very close with our young photographers on how to shoot and edit website content for your online needs.  

Space is also important to us - are you a local business or hotel and want to get involved in our art community; please reach out so we can work with you.  We can provide amazing art displays or shows for your guest to enjoy!


Are you a model looking to trade your time for high quality images?  Working along side our experienced professional photographers, our young photographers are eager to work with you - please reach out for more details on how to participate and schedule a shoot.   Trade-for shoots are a non-paid mutual exchange of your time for images (rules do apply to style and expectations). 

He Nalu E 'Imi Ana I Ka 'Aina E Hiki Aku Ao. "The Waves Bore Us to our Destined Shore."