Thanks for checking out my quick bio - please check out my Store Page here!  I have always had the passion for both art, and giving back to the communities I live in...I was born in South Carolina and my family moved to California when I was 13-years old.  Art was a huge part of my family growing up.  My two older brothers and Mother were phenomenal artists.

Throughout grade-school, I won various art contests and gold medals at the South Carolina State Fair; earning myself entrance into the SC State Youth Art Program through the University of South Carolina.  

My family moved to California just before high school.  I continued my art studies in San Francisco, entering into and winning a few select art contests along the way...while I will never argue that I had a talent for drawing, I was still figuring out the passion side.  While I had a gift for drawing and painting, it wasn't until I bought my first camera (a Canon Rebel, film) that I found that passion and completely fell in love with photography.  

From then on, I was filming everything...from models, to landscape, to family BBQ's...I wanted to take a picture of everything.  I begged my friends and family to let me take pictures of them...I would dive in for hours trying to learn everything possible about photography (we didn't have YouTube back in those was trial and error, books and classrooms).  

I moved on from film to digital, working my way up through the Canon Rebel DSLR ranks to now shooting with a 5D Mark ii and 7D Mark ii set.  A small part of model photography will always resonate in my heart, but wave and landscape is my forever passion.  

After high school, I entered college as an art major, and then went on to get my Master's degree at UNLV in business (figured I should have a backup plan for money, haha). 

Moving to Hawaii has changed my life.  I bought underwater housing set-ups for each of my cameras and have never looked back...the Aloha Spirit has filled my veins and my days are filled with 5AM drives to the beach to catch sunrises, or missions to the North Shore and West Side to chase down barrels, turtles and dolphin...I'm a water person and it's where I belong and why I want to do everything I can to protect it!

Please join me..!