West Oahu Adventure

Living on the Windward side caused me to spend most of my time in town and on the south and east shores of Oahu. I'm often called a "townie". Traveling to the other side of the island is always a treat for me since I hardly go there. 

On October 11, Greg Champion and his friends took me out west. We planned to find some dolphins. A fisherman that slept over at the beach said that he saw the dolphins at 6 in the morning. Since we were all there, we hopped in the water anyways, hoping they would come back our way.

We spent about 20 minutes diving and blowing rings in the crystal clear water while waiting for the dolphins. The clarity of the water was unreal. It was an amazing sight to see the green mountains and the deep blue water. Despite the fact that there were hardly any fish, there was a stingray patrolling the ocean floor. We dove down to it, keeping our distance as it hovered above the sand. After we swam with it, we decided to go back to shore. In need of more adventure, we drove down the road to Makaha Beach. 

From the surfers shredding glass to the mellow movements of the fish under the water, Makaha always has a sensational atmosphere (above and below the surface of the water). Swimming out about 2 minutes I come across a spotted eagle ray. It was my first time seeing one in the wild and up close. It felt amazing to be swimming side by side as it glided through the water. I was so distracted by it's gracefulness that I almost forgot to press the record button on my GoPro.

When I caught up with the group, we started to swim together towards the tour boats. The deeper it got, the clearer the water became. Schools of fish surrounded us and coral reefs started to cover the ocean floor. I was happy to see the abundant amount of fish because that meant the reef was healthy. 

These coral reefs didn't only provide food for the fish, but also for the sea turtles also known as "honus". A bunch of honus would cruise around one huge piece of coral. That gave us the perfect opportunity to get some awesome pictures.

I hope I will be able to spend more time on the west side of Oahu. It was a very amazing adventure that made me appreciate and respect our island even more.