International Coastal Cleanup Day

September 19, 2015 marked the 30th anniversary of International Coastal Cleanup Day. People all over the world devote their day to picking up trash on their local coastlines.


I did my part that day by participating in Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii’s beach cleanup. Dozens of volunteers helped pick up trash and debris on the west shores of Oahu. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii hosted a two day clean up. September 19th was the first day of the cleanup. On that Saturday, 4 thousand pounds of trash was collected. I helped clean up the coasts of Makaha, Makua, and Yokohama beach on the following day. 



After the cleanup, I went with my parents to Makaha Beach. Since I didn't have my surfboard, I decided to snorkel. There was an overcast that day, so the water wasn't as clear. But it was still beautiful. During my dive, I found a plastic zip lock bag and a plastic pipe. Right away, I picked it up so that I was able to dispose of it outside of the water. 

It was an eyesore to see so many cigarette butts, diapers, tires, beer bottles, and plastic bags scattered all over these beautiful beaches. Also to see trash in the ocean where our marine life can easily get hurt by or ingest these items. Hopefully I will be able to participate on more cleanups on shore and in the water.

I wish International Coastal Cleanup Day was everyday! It was very refreshing to see people of all ages lending a hand to keep our beaches clean, healthy, and beautiful.